Duplex IPTV is a new application that works on Android devices and smart TVs. It is a good alternative to SMARTIPTV since this app is paid and recently had issues with Samsung smart TVs.

If you do not have a m3u list provider to watch IPTV channels, you can visit the site of a service that offers Latin channels by clicking  here. 

For those using an Android device, go to the App Store and search for Duplex IPTV.

At the end of the installation, open the application and this screen will appear.

Now we need to go to the site that appears on the screen at  www.Edit.Duplexplay.com

And enter the two digits that appear on the screen: Device ID and Device Key.


After entering the information, click Manage Playlist.

Now on this page we are going to add a playlist.

Here in Playlist name you can enter any name. Then in Playlist URLs (.M3U or .M3U8) is where your M3U list comes in, if you don't have a provider you can visit  jaxtvlatina.com  (a service in Spanish ).

When you enter your list, click I'm not a robot, then click Save.

*Note that it is not necessary to click where it says Protect this playlist, this is just in case you want to put a password to your playlist.

Maintenant, nous pouvons revenir à l'application et lorsque nous l'ouvrons à nouveau, nous devrions avoir notre liste.

Le nom que nous mettons dans la liste est le nom qui apparaîtra dans l'application.

Là où ma liste dit est la liste que nous avons ajoutée.

Maintenant, nous cliquons sur la liste et le contenu de la liste (les chaînes) apparaîtra.