How to configure an IPTV subscription on Kodi with PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon


In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up your IPTV subscription on Kodi with PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon.

If you want to set up your M3U link or m3U file in Kodi and watch your live IPTV subscription channels quickly and easily?

Our guide shows you the fastest way to start and use M3U files and links in Kodi.

One M3U playlist is a popular and easy way to load multiple live IPTV channels.

If you have an M3U player capable of playing these files, you have an interface to configure live TV.

An M3U Playlist is a text file, inside it is the live stream addresses and channel names. If you google “IPTV m3u” or something similar, you will see hundreds or thousands of such files saved on the internet.

How to install M3U playlist in Kodi

1. Start Kodi.

2. Select my extensions.

iptv kodi subscription3. Select client video recorder.
iptv kodi subscription4. Select PVR Single Client
iptv kodi subscription5. Click Activate
iptv kodi subscription6. Select Configure PVR
iptv kodi subscription7. Select General Location Remote Path (Option 1).
8. If you have an M3U file stored locally on your network / computer / TV box, select local path (Option 2)
9. Then select the M3U playlist URL (Option 2)
10. Navigate to the location where the file is stored and select it (Option 2)
iptv kodi subscription11. Enter the url of your M3U playlist and select OK
iptv kodi subscription12. After completing the above step, you will return to the previous window and keep clicking on the “OK” option.
iptv kodi subscription13. Restart Kodi
iptv kodi subscription14. Wait for the notification of the loaded channels.
iptv kodi subscription15. Now when you go back to the home screen and select TV it should look like this
iptv kodi subscription